Reinventing The ALS Patient's Treatment Experience

United States Health Care

Client And Product

A Chicago-based Series A digital health startup revolutionizes personalized care for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.


AppRecode has started a project to make the treatment process easier for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Our objective was to develop a platform that would reimagine the front office operations of the healthcare services provider and assist in automating their internal workflow. Working with ALS patients necessitates comprehending their approach to healthcare providers. After conducting a lot of research, we had to develop a solution architecture that would make the service more accessible for ALS patients and make it more efficient from a business perspective. The SPsoft team had to automate the patient flow to give staff members more time to focus on each case and improve service quality. Our client wanted to make it easy for ASL patients to access their online front desk. It has been necessary to complete the forms and provide all required documents, such as test results and health records, a seamless one with no accessibility issues. In the meantime, we had to add an automated data processing tool that visualizes information to the client's back-office capabilities so that they could spend more time taking care of each patient's needs. It has been necessary to transform the process of guiding patients through subsequent treatment steps, including selecting a physician, into one more infused with quality.


The solution delivered has changed the client’s workflow once and forever by shifting the emphasis from quantity to quality while simultaneously enhancing the company’s patient turnover capabilities. We automated everything that could have been automated, and now, our client can scale their business without extending their in-house stuff correspondingly. As the platform has been deployed and scaled further up, our client can extend their patient base by processing more patients through automation while also boosting the quality of the services provided due to the surplus time the coordinators have for processing each patient. In addition, the business’s user-friendliness has also been improved due to revamping the front office with improved logic and infrastructure.

Implemented Features

  • Development and maintenance of a cloud-based infrastructure that empowers the platform to support a high load of data from new markets​
  • Full IaC coverage of infrastructure components with using Terraform
  • Microservice architecture with Kubernetes containerization
  • Highly-automated CI/CD environment based on GitHub Actions and ArgoCD
  • A holistic monitoring system for the platform, including performance, application and infrastructure​.

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