Building a cloud-based documentation tool to automate and secure document content


Client And Product

Professionals demand the best tools to help them get the job done. It is vital for businesses to stay ahead of the technology curve, and the growing demand for workspace automation and collaboration tools has created the perfect time to launch Scriversi. Scriversi is an automated, cloud-based continuous documentation tool that allows users to store any type of documentation in one place and keep it up to date with the help of numerous API integrations and webhooks.


Dr Liam Terblanche - a founding member of Scriversi and CTO/CIO of other ICT companies - contacted us to design and prototype an API-driven self-documentation system for DevOps Engineers.

Job Done

Our team of a back-end developer, front-end developer, designer, QA specialist, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, and DevOps expert built and designed a product from scratch with the ability for users to add various integrations on their own via webhooks allowing changes in any 3rd-party system that supports webhooks, to update the user’s documentation through external triggers.


Within the expected timeframe and budget, our engineering team was able to develop an MVP that meets and exceeds customer expectations. The solution developed by Relevant paved the way for the continuous growth of the Scriversi product. The customer is satisfied with the project's current progress and continues to work with the Relevant team on new functionality for the application.

Implemented Features

Implemented features

Users and Team Management

Users can create their own accounts and easily manage permissions & edits. There is no need to separate confidential data into separate documents. The same document "looks" different for each user, depending on the access rights.

Document Management

Users can create a document from scratch or from a selection of templates, add sections (each capable of integrating into different SaaS tools) to documents, customize documentation styling by setting company-standard CSS rules, review the history of the document, import/export their documentation, and share documents with others.

Google Sheet Integration

With the Scriversi documentation tool, the user can connect his/her Google Sheet to Scriversi, so the content from Google Sheets will be automatically fetched and populated into a Scriversi document.

Jira Integration

Clients’ development, operations, and IT departments can expedite service requests for new changes and releases. When some tasks are created/updated on the JIRA account side, Scriversi will receive the information about these tasks and put it into a specific document section.

Freshdesk Integration

The user on the Freshdesk side selects a specific list of tasks using filters. Then, as soon as there are some changes with these tasks, for example, a change in their status, Freshdesk sends information about these tasks to Scriversi.

Chrome Plugin

The Chrome plugin allows you to select some content on any web page and send it to a specific section of your Scriversi document.

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