Design and implement CI/CD and infrastructure for Communication Gateway

USA Telecom

Client And Product

Telecom company with the biggest number of users and devices worldwide, which set mobile standards and pioneering technologies. Product line integrated to implement informational technologies: 3G to VoLTE Roaming, 5G Roaming, 5G Messaging, Private Wireless Networks, and IoT Connectivity. Products allow businesses to reach customers worldwide. Its deep intelligence guarantees smart, personalized messages that reach customers at the right time.


Designed and implemented an on-premises delivery platform based on Kubernetes, as part of a team, and supported the platform release to production. Designed and implemented application lifecycle management workflows using tools such as Jenkins, Helm, Python, and Golang. Designed and implemented an observability stack for the delivery platform. Redesigned the existing application deployment flow, resulting in up to 40% reduction in deployment time.

Job Done

AppRecode worked closely with the client to develop a tailored solution using their delivery platform. The platform was designed to host and manage corporate WhatsApp clients, ensuring smooth communication between the company and its customers. Communication Gateway played a crucial role in routing messages and calls to the appropriate channels.


AppRecode has delivered infrastructure and CI/CD processes that resulted in up to 40% shortening time of development for Communication Gateway, which enabled the client to streamline their corporate messaging and calling operations. Kubernetes and Helm packages implementation decreased the amount of virtual machines, which saved approximately $85 000/monthly. Implementation of system monitoring decreased the number of incidents by 32%, which have an option to optimize the support team. Apprecode Inc. takes a role in clients commitment to providing innovative and customized communication solutions for businesses in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Implemented Features

  • Centralized Interface: Communication Gateway provided the client with a single interface to manage multiple messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and telephony systems.

  • Efficient Communication: The unified interface allowed the client to handle all corporate communications from one place, simplifying the process and minimizing the risk of missed messages or calls.

  • Scalability: Platform offered the flexibility to accommodate future growth and additional WhatsApp numbers, ensuring that the client's evolving communication needs were met.

  • Improved Customer Engagement: With the ability to host multiple WhatsApp numbers, the client could engage with their customers more effectively, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

  • Streamlined Operations: By consolidating messaging platforms and telephony systems, the client's internal operations were streamlined, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational complexity.

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