Streamlining B2B Banking Platform Operations and Integrations in South Africa

South Africa Fintech

Client And Product

The client, a fintech company in England, aimed to provide a B2B banking platform tailored for businesses in South Africa. The primary objectives were to establish seamless integrations with third-party data providers, implement a comprehensive permission matrix, and develop a responsive monitoring system. The client engaged the AppRecode team, consisting of a team lead, a senior engineer, and a middle engineer, to overcome these challenges.


Integration with Third-Party Data Providers: Negotiating and establishing connections with numerous banks and data providers to ensure smooth data ingestion and access. Permission Matrix: Designing and implementing a layered permission matrix to ensure secure access control across the platform. Monitoring System: Develop a comprehensive monitoring system with synthetic checks, self-healing triggers, and an efficient on-call support model.

Job Done

Sophisticated Monitoring System: The team set up a monitoring system leveraging Prometheus and Grafana. This allowed real-time visibility into the platform's performance and enabled proactive identification and resolution of issues. CI/CD Pipelines and Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Multiple microservices were deployed using CI/CD pipelines, enabling rapid and reliable software releases. The team also ensured that the entire infrastructure was covered using the IaC approach, providing reproducibility and scalability. Automated Third-Party Connections: The team automated establishing connections with third-party data providers, streamlining the integration process and reducing manual effort. Notification System: A robust notification system was implemented to promptly alert the support and management teams about critical events and issues. Scaled and Resilient Kubernetes Cluster: The team designed and built a highly scalable and resilient Kubernetes cluster to handle the platform's increasing load and provide high availability.


The successful implementation of DevOps practices by the AppRecode team addressed the challenges faced by the fintech client in developing and deploying their B2B banking platform. The integration with third-party data providers, the establishment of a robust permission matrix, and the implementation of a responsive monitoring system were key achievements. The optimized platform now offers seamless integrations, improved scalability, and cost efficiency, providing businesses in South Africa.

Implemented Features

  • Seamless Integrations: The platform successfully connected with multiple third-party data providers, facilitating data ingestion from various sources and ensuring a comprehensive financial dashboard for businesses.
  • Efficient Platform Management: The use of Terraform for infrastructure management and Azure DevOps for automated testing and deployment improved platform stability and reduced manual intervention.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The monitoring system based on Prometheus and Grafana enabled real-time visibility into the platform's performance, facilitating proactive issue identification and resolution.
  • Scalability and Cost Efficiency: The Kubernetes cluster provided a scalable infrastructure, allowing the platform to handle increased user traffic. Additionally, cost-saving practices, such as compressing and reducing the storage tier for customers' assets and documents, resulted in a 30% reduction in Azure infrastructure costs.

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